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New packaging!

Feel Happy to share luck

Everybody’s Happy! Equal opportunities and delicious chocolate: who wouldn’t want that!

Our new flavours!

Pure enjoyment

Did you know that this bar is made from delicious Belgian chocolate? These dark chocolate bars are available in three subtle types containing 72%, 80% or 92% cocoa and are also organic and Fairtrade.

Enjoy your happy moment with this luxurious treat.

92% Cacao - Dark
80% Cacao - Dark
92% Cacao - Dark

Chocolate milk

Our chocolate milk is made from Fairtrade cocoa from the Ivory Coast and Ghana. And the milk comes from Dutch cows that graze in the meadow at least eight hours a day between mid-April and mid-October. It’s delicious hot or cold. Fancy that extra indulgence? Add a spoon of whipped cream with a topping of Happy Chocolate cocoa powder and chocolate shavings.

Cacao powder

Our cocoa powder is made from Fairtrade cocoa from Africa and South America. Enjoy your happy moment with chocolate milk or as a topping. 

Praliné Blocs

Intensely filled Praline blocks made with Fairtrade cocoa from the Dominican Republic. Covered in crunchy chocolate with soft hazelnut praliné.

Chocolate treats

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Fairtrade & organic

Fairtrade helps farmers obtain a better position in the supply chain. The guaranteed minimum price offers a reliable source of income, while the Fairtrade premium in cooperative projects provides funds to invest in a sustainable future, such as improving productivity, quality, education and healthcare. The organic certification further complements the Fairtrade mark in ensuring practices that are environment, nature and animal-friendly. That’s a powerful combination! us!


Happy Chocolate
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Commercial interest

If you have a commercial interest,
contact Udea (The Netherlands) or Biofresh (Belgium).

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And from high-end organic stores!